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EthicMark® Awards

Founded in 2004 by Hazel Henderson, author of Ethical Markets: Growing the Green Economy, the EthicMark® Awards recognize socially responsible media campaigns by businesses, non-profit organizations, or individuals.

The 2016 EthicMark® Awards were presented at the 2016 SRI Conference November 10th at the 27th annual SRI Conference. The World Business Academy executes the awards with the Awards' co-sponsors, Ethical Markets Media, LLC

2016 EthicMark® Awards Winners:

Not for Profit Category:  Give Mom Back Her Name For men in the Middle East, it is taboo to say their mother’s name in public. Women become referred to as ‘The mother of her eldest son’. To eradicate the taboo, UN Women launched on Egyptian Mother’s Day a campaign urging appreciation for a lifetime of love “with one small gift”: recognizing mothers as incredible individuals, opening a larger, worldwide conversation on women's rights and gender equality.

For Profit Category:  The Do Right Initiative from Tata Capital exemplifies Tata Capital’s mission to “Do Right” by providing the connection for two Indias — one progressing rapidly, and one still facing basic challenges. The extensive coverage of uplifting stories from some of the most remote areas in India turned into a viral media campaign to “crowdsolve,” bringing together celebrities, experts in agriculture and community development, donors, bloggers, and teachers with those most in need.

Other Recent Prize Winners:

2015 Winners:

Not for Profit Category:The Not a Bug Splat campaign, a collaboration with Inside Out and the Foundation for Fundamental Rights, challenges the desensitized manner in which drone operators accept casualties of war. The stark image of a local child, deployed in Pakistan and visible from hundreds of feet, has also captured the attention of social media worldwide.

For Profit Category:Lucky Iron Fish, a Certified B Corporation, has creatively introduced a means to address the chronic low levels of iron found in diets throughout Cambodia. The trial-and-error and clever marketing tools used by Lucky Iron Fish make it a model for other social enterprises.

2014 Winners:

Not for Profit Category: Liter of Light from shows an ingenious and simple way to light rooms in homes, which otherwise have limited use during dark hours, expanding opportunities for family interaction, study and other productive activities.

For Profit Category: Unsung Hero from Thai Life Insurance won in the for-profit category, showing how small acts of kindness enrich the life of the giver.

2013 Winners:

Not for Profit Category: University of Engineering and Technology (UTEC) in Lima, Peru; UTEC potable water generator, its first-of-a-kind billboard that creates water out of air, as a means of recruiting socially-minded engineering students. Working as a team with its ad agency, Mayo Draftfcb Lima, UTEC created the billboard in a coastal desert with very limited water but very high humidity. The installation produces 100 liters of clean drinking water every day and has brought enormous visibility to UTEC, helping to significantly boost applications.

For Profit Category: Royal Philips of the Netherlands for its video “Philips Light Centres for Africa.” The video shows how Philips’ centers with solar-powered LED lighting have sparked community life. Each of the 1000m2 centers, about the size of a small soccer field, can be used for communal activities such as sports, healthcare clinics, education, social events, and commercial transactions. The Centers are not dependent on the grid, and their batteries need replacing only once every 4-5 years.

2012 Winners:

Not For Profit Category Co-Winners: Ten Thousand Villages won for “World Fair Trade Day 2011”, World Resources Institute won for “Sunita”.

For Profit Category: TOMS for “One Day Without Shoes 2012 Trailer”

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