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Vivek Tanneeru’s Green Streak: A Personal Conversation with Matthews Asia ESG Portfolio Manager

What's new in Asia on the environmental, social and governance (ESG) front? What are you excited about? Finding ESG data has been one of the big challenges in Asia but increasingly stock exchanges, such as Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore, have either rolled out or are rolling out initiatives that require companies to disclose—or explain in the case of non-disclosure—ESG metrics as part of their listing requirements. Historically, Asia's stock exchanges have had a weak record of ESG disclosures. But these new reforms seem to be boosting investor confidence in the region. Corporate Stewardship codes are being introduced in markets like Japan, and that is providing further impetus for asset owners to seek not only better disclosures but also better compliance from the investee companies. This is a further driver for improved disclosure and compliance from Asian companies.
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