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An interview with Gary White and Matt Damon – Cofounders of WaterEquity and Water.org

The SRI Conference is proud to have Gary White kicking off the SRI Conference main stage on November 13, 2019 at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. Gary co-founded Water.org and WaterEquity with Matt Damon, and we sat down for an interview with both of them to learn more about the origins of both organizations, the challenges and opportunities in their work, and how more investors can get involved in addressing water scarcity. The SRI Conference: How did you meet Gary and get involved in the issue?
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Market Commentary October 2019

In this issue: Global Market Highlights  |  Outlook - Climbing A Wall Of Worry...Until We Get To The Top  |  Quarterly Bond Market Overview Earnings and Economic Growth Decelerating, Valuations Stretched - Markets Rising? By Theresa Gusman, Chief Investment Officer  |  Download PDF US equities continue to hit new highs. After its best first half in 22 years, the S&P 500 posted a 1.7% gain in the third quarter. Global equity markets were mixed. Japanese, European and US equities rose in the third quarter, while non-Japan Asia and Emerging Markets declined, paring gains for the year. Volatility persisted during the quarter. Global equity markets advanced and declined along with trade tensions, Brexit news, and monetary easing amid slowing economic activity and continued low inflation. Despite the volatility, equity markets remain resilient, even as global growth slows, earnings growth decelerates sharply, and valuations are stretched.
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The Road Not Yet Taken: Impact Investing in the Mortgage and Securitized Asset Markets

Ten years after the 2008–09 financial crisis, there are still lingering negative sentiments about the mortgage market. Talk of tranches, credit swaps and mortgage pools brings up memories of predatory lending practices, and the damage those practices had on families, as well as the broader economy. But we believe that responsibly issued and packaged mortgage-backed securities—and bonds similarly securitized by other pools of hard assets—are often sound investments. Moreover, we have found numerous opportunities where funds being raised by these securities are deployed in ways that positively impact society.
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Leveling the Playing Field for Energy Innovation

Bipartisan sponsors call to expand the definition of MLPs in the proposed Financing Our Energy Future Act •  Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) provide pass-through income favored by investors and project developers alike. •  Investor appetite for diverse energy sources and technological innovation is increasing. •  The Financing Our Energy Future Act would level the playing field by allowing renewable energy companies access to the MLP structure. We believe this would be good for innovation, diversification, and the market. •  Miller/Howard has supported this bill since its first introduction in 2012 by issuing statements and talking to lawmakers.
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ESG Risks Affecting Municipal Credit Quality

There are several evolving environment, social, and governance (ESG) credit risks that we believe have the ability to materially impact an obligor’s credit profile, including: climate change, the rise of renewable energy, population loss, public pensions and retiree health benefits, and acrimonious budget negotiations and impasses. While ESG investing pertains specifically to a subset of factors that represent both risks and opportunities in a credit profile, this blog post focuses on ESG risks as they pertain to municipal bond investments. An article by Gurtin Municipal Bond Management. 
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