Sustainable and Impact Investing in the New World

Many pundits discuss the “New Normal” that will arise when the pandemic ends and the economy recovers. For many in the U.S. and for most in the developing world, the “Old Normal” was not that great. The “Next Normal” will need to provide more equitable and more sustainable living conditions for a much larger portion of the population. As I near the end of my 33rd year at First Affirmative Financial Network, I reflect on what I have experienced in, and hopefully have learned from, the financial marketplace. The “Crash of 1987.” The “Asian Contagion.” September 11, 2001. The “Dot-Com Bubble and Burst.” “The Great Recession.” “The Flash Crash.” Except for 9-11, these market experiences were all the result of government, economic, or market decisions or conditions, frequently combined with some type of “financial engineering.”
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Those in Need Could Use a Little You

I’m old enough to remember the bear market of the 1970s. I lived through 1987, 2000, 2001 and 2008. But, this last month in the securities markets was unlike any of them. The US and the Globe came through each of those prior upheavals. The difference here is health and safety. The human spirit and the vibrancy of the American economy is immutable and we will come through this. Be careful and stay around long enough to look back at this as something you lived through. The numbers will work themselves out.
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Capital Good Fund launches new Crisis Relief Loan program

CAPITAL GOOD FUND, a Providence-based nonprofit financial institution, has started a new, low-interest loan program for people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.
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How Self-Help Federal Credit Union Supports Small Businesses Affected by COVID-19

Times are challenging Our daily lives are different now. There’s little escaping the changes caused by COVID-19. Each day presents new challenges as we navigate personal lives, career obligations, and family routines within the confines of social distancing.
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The Dramatic Growth of Impact Investing

“Yes, profits are important, but so is society. And if our quest for greater profits leaves our world worse off than before, all we will have taught our children is the power of greed.”
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