A trusted guide throughout your journey

A trusted guide throughout your journey

Exploring Independence

Draw upon our 150 years of experience working with the world’s leading businesses, entrepreneurs and institutions to establish your new firm, broaden your practice and better serve your clients.

Your Practice, Elevated

Breaking away is not a hard decision when you have the opportunity to complement your expertise with the strength of Goldman Sachs’ reputation. When you join our platform, our team is standing by to assist you in elevating your practice and how you serve your clients.

Solutions You Need

We will help you create a platform that is tailored to the needs of your practice and your clients. We support a broad array of client types, and our transitions specialists will help you continue to serve your existing clients throughout the transition process. In addition, our consulting team will help you explore opportunities to win new clients previously out of your reach. Finally, we have the lending support you need for your clients with open positions.

…Plus Solutions You Have Wanted

Our platform gives you access to some of the most coveted technology and financial solutions in the industry. Bolster your practice by offering your clients access to an extensive suite of financial products and capital markets. Provide insights to your firm and clients with access to our renowned Global Investment Research as well as the same portfolio risk tools used by our own people.