Exceptional portfolio construction and wealth management solutions.

Exceptional portfolio construction and wealth management solutions.


Goldman Sachs provides execution and custody services to the world’s largest institutional investors, transacting on over 97% of the world’s equities and derivatives exchanges. We are pleased to expand this offering to serve the unique needs of independent advisors.


Our priority is the same as yours: choice and flexibility. Access our Global Markets organization and its thought leadership. Extensive array of equities, fixed income and other solutions to fit your clients’ needs. Dedicated digital user experience for Goldman Sachs’ and third-party alternatives.

Portfolio Construction

Choice and flexibility come first. Make use of your favorite third-party portfolio management solutions or opt for portfolio and risk analytics tools used by our own employees.


We have solutions for your clients’ liquidity needs. For example, Goldman Sachs Private Bank Select® (GS Select®) helps advisors provide eligible clients access to cash without liquidating their investment portfolios through the use of securities-based lines of credit (SBLOCs). The process is both high-tech and high-touch. A digital-focused design makes the application and approval process both streamlined and transparent. A dedicated team of lending managers and service center support the seamless borrowing experience for advisors and clients.

Investment Research

Our Global Investment Research team provides original, fundamental insights and analysis in the equity, fixed income, currency and commodities markets. With access to Goldman Sachs Research, you’ll be able to tap into cutting-edge thought leadership generated from 24 offices around the world, covering ~3,000 securities, major markets, and over 45 economies. Research is designed to reach clients in formats that suit them, from webcasts and large multi-stream events to interactive data, email alerts and our GS Now app.