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November 1–3, 2018 | The Broadmoor | Colorado Springs, CO



About SRI

Matthew Weatherly-White - A Mix Between Important and Inevitable
Caroline Flammer - Corporate Political Responsibility


Joseph Caruso and Jim Claire - Combining Impact Investing with Health Savings Accounts
Kevin DiSano - Expressing Views Through Investments
Deborah Jackson - Better Returns While Addressing Problems
Patrick Drum - How Advisors Can Promote SRI
Donna Katzin - Building Bridges, Not Walls
Glen Yelton - Directing Capital to Address the Issues of Our Time
Irin Kim - Humanizing Investing
Benjamin Bailey - Screening for SRI
Charley Wright - The World of SRI


Jeffrey Gitterman - The Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup of Finance
Mark Stephan - SRI in the Supply Chain
Greg Vigrass - Factoring Beliefs and Values into Investments


Marlo Stil - Capitalism at Its Finest
Marci Bair - Aligning Companies with Causes
Ian Robertson - Responsible Investing Around the World
Adam Strauss - ESG as a Risk Reducer
Stuart Valentine - What’s Poised for Disruption in SRI?
Steve Schueth - Connecting the Dots Between Values and Money
Joel Solomon - Why is SRI Crucial?
Rinaldo Brutoco - Why is SRI Growing?
Lloyd Kurtz - The Interrelationship of ESG
Alex Osmond - ESG is Becoming More Integrated in Portfolios



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