Share Your Ideas for SRI2020


SRI2020  November 8-11, 2020  

Orlando, Florida

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Call for Proposals and Sharing of Ideas
for the 31st Annual SRI Conference

Our theme this year is: “Designing Our Future with SRI and ESG."
We welcome all timely, topical, and relevant suggestions with a clear connection to investing to drive change through SRI and ESG.
 Don't want to submit a full proposal but still have ideas you'd like to share?
Drop us an email at with the subject line:
"SRI2020 Ideas." We look forward to hearing from you.

Proposal Deadline: Midnight ET,
June 1, 2020

Share Your Idea
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 Who Attends The SRI  Conference?

 We expect 1,500 participants from across the SRI and ESG ecosystem including:

  • Academic practitioners
  • Advisors, investors, and other sources of capital
  • Asset managers
  • Asset owners such as retirement plans, insurance companies, foundations, endowments, and family offices
  • Corporate leaders (CEOs, Chief Sustainability Officers, Investor Relations)
  • Media representatives
  • NGOs
  • Research analysts
  • Service Providers

What are we looking for?

The SRI Conference features the best and brightest from across the SRI and ESG ecosystem. Speaking spots are limited and competitive. Keep these guidelines in mind as you craft your proposal, so you can put your best forward:

  • Be forward-looking - We are interested in sessions that focus on the future of specific industries and organizations.
  • Be disruptive - If you have a new business model that will shake things up, we want to hear about it!
  • Share actionable ideas - Your goal should be to provide content that participants can use right away
  • Be impactful – Tell a story, use case studies, be creative.
  • Be authentic - Our participants want to hear from those on the front lines of SRI and ESG.
  • Be unique - Do you have a bold, "out of the box" idea to move SRI/ESG forward? Tell us everything.

What are we looking for in our speakers?

  • Diversity and inclusion - Sessions that reflect diversity of race, gender, age, background, and belief systems are given priority.
  • True leadership - Are they leading in this time of disruption? Are they leading by example?
  • Authenticity -Do they have a unique story to tell? Are they willing to share both their successes and challenges?
  • Forward thinkers - Can they offer their vision and project what the industry will look like in 10 years?
  • Asset deployers - Our audience is keen to hear from financial advisors, asset owners, and others who direct investment dollars.



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New this Year!

We've developed a list of subject matter categories that are of most interest to our participants.
When you submit your proposal, you'll be asked to assign it to one of the categories listed below:

Advisor Practice

Corporate Sustainability

Disaster Response (e.g. COVID-19 Virus Outbreak, the Opioid Crisis)

Future Trends

Portfolio Construction / Management Techniques

Share-Owner Advocacy

Sustainable Agriculture

Capital Raising

Cultivating the Next Generation
of SRI and ESG Leaders

Donor Advised Funds /
Philanthropic Investing

Gender and Racial Equity

Product and Service Innovations

Social Entrepreneurship

Working with Foundations
and Endowments

Climate Change

Data and Research


Human Rights

Resource Scarcity

Public Policy

Marketing to Millennials
and Women

Community Investing

Direct Impact Investing

Fundamentals of SRI and ESG

Measuring Return on
Investing and Impact

Retirement Plans and

Stories of Impact



Share Your Idea