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Are Your Clients ESG Investors? Looking past stereotypes to understand who are today’s ESG investors.

Sustainable investing—the use of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors to assess investing alternatives—is gaining momentum across the industry. Although most advisors are aware of this development, many still struggle to apply it in practice. Often, the chief obstacle to discussing sustainable investing with clients is uncertainty about which ones might be interested. This may prompt advisors to rely on common stereotypes that assume sustainable investing is a concern of only millennials and women—but our research shows that the true face of sustainable investing is much more diverse.
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Is Climate-Change Risk All About Fossil Fuels? Think Again.

Is climate-change risk all about fossil fuels? Think again. When it comes to reducing greenhouse gases, investors tend to focus on fossil fuels and power generation. But other companies also need to adapt to survive the transition to lower carbon emissions. We looked at the implications for e-waste, fashion, automakers, fast-food companies and buildings. As the world transitions to a carbon-neutral economy, investors may wish to identify companies coming up with solutions, as well as those lagging, in this effort.
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Plan for Tomorrow by Supporting Vulnerable Communities Today

Recycle? Check! Reduce energy use? Check! Skip the straw? Check! Divest from fossil fuel companies? Check! Support vulnerable communities currently bearing the brunt of the environmental damage? *Crickets* Temperatures are increasing, ice sheets are melting, and sea levels are rapidly rising. Scientists have been sounding the alarm for decades. With youth-led climate strikes gaining attention in 2019, a broader group of Americans are acknowledging how our actions have affected the home future generations will inherit. We are in crisis mode and need to protect our tomorrow. But in our efforts to protect tomorrow, we need to make sure to support the people and communities affected today.
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An interview with Gary White and Matt Damon – Cofounders of WaterEquity and Water.org

The SRI Conference is proud to have Gary White kicking off the SRI Conference main stage on November 13, 2019 at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. Gary co-founded Water.org and WaterEquity with Matt Damon, and we sat down for an interview with both of them to learn more about the origins of both organizations, the challenges and opportunities in their work, and how more investors can get involved in addressing water scarcity. The SRI Conference: How did you meet Gary and get involved in the issue?
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Market Commentary October 2019

In this issue: Global Market Highlights  |  Outlook - Climbing A Wall Of Worry...Until We Get To The Top  |  Quarterly Bond Market Overview Earnings and Economic Growth Decelerating, Valuations Stretched - Markets Rising? By Theresa Gusman, Chief Investment Officer  |  Download PDF US equities continue to hit new highs. After its best first half in 22 years, the S&P 500 posted a 1.7% gain in the third quarter. Global equity markets were mixed. Japanese, European and US equities rose in the third quarter, while non-Japan Asia and Emerging Markets declined, paring gains for the year. Volatility persisted during the quarter. Global equity markets advanced and declined along with trade tensions, Brexit news, and monetary easing amid slowing economic activity and continued low inflation. Despite the volatility, equity markets remain resilient, even as global growth slows, earnings growth decelerates sharply, and valuations are stretched.
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